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What Did Nonprofits Read in 2023?

We took a peek at the most-read articles of 2023 to see what nonprofit execs had on their minds.

What Did Nonprofits Read in 2023?

Ah, we love a good recap article. Because our blogs are read by thousands of nonprofit executives each week, we thought it would be interesting to see which subjects were the most appealing to the organizations we serve.

Our content cuts through a wide swath of topics. We can be a little saucy and a little nerdy and a little cool and a little goofy….but through it all, we’re here to help nonprofits succeed. Every bit of content we publish is written to arm you with ideas and information, whether you’re a client or not.

Without further adieu, here’s a list of our most popular articles in 2023.

The 5 Most-Read Blogs in 2023

This list gives you a quick overview of what nonprofits were most interested in last year.

1. Best Nonprofit CRMs: New for 2024

Our best nonprofit CRM article was viewed almost 10,000 times last year. We think we know why….it’s an honest look at the top vendors in the fundraising software market, and it’s not a hard sell for our company. Why not? Because we’re simply not the right technology for every nonprofit, and we’re more concerned with you finding the right tech than shoehorning you into a contract that won’t work.

2. Payment Processing for Nonprofits

This is the resource you want when you need a primer on payment processing. It walks through a glossary of terms, takes the mystery out of payment processing, answers common questions, and teaches you how to be a smart shopper. We’ll show you where you can save money and how to ensure your data will be as safe as possible. It doesn’t surprise us at all that this one was in the top five!

3. ChatGPT and AI: What Does My Nonprofit Need to Know?

ChatGPT was all the rage last year, and we jumped in front of it to reassure nonprofits they could get in on this new application. This article explains what ChatGPT is, what AI is, and how they’re related. We also offer a bunch of different ways nonprofits can use ChatGPT (and now, Bard, and others) to lift some repetitive tasks off your shoulders. Check it out to see our recommendations.

4. Does Your Nonprofit Need a Donor Journey Map?

The donor journey is a subject we’ve been thinking about a lot lately (if you stick around, you’ll see that’s a little prophetic!), and it’s one nonprofits found interesting, too. This article offers a free donor journey template, great client examples, and suggestions on how to connect with your donors at each stage.

5. Five Creative Ways to Get People to Give

Clearly, we like the number 5! For this article about asking for donations, we mined the brain of Alexis Langley, our manager of customer experience. She’s such an asset to our team because she’s active in the upper echelons of the Junior League in her hometown, so she knows a lot about nonprofit fundraising and how to ask for donations and get results. You can read her go-to ideas here.

Looking Ahead to 2024

That list shows us that nonprofits do, in fact, appreciate education and ideas. Regardless of your size or mission, it’s always interesting to hear fresh takes on old subjects.

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