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Introducing February 2024 Product Enhancements

Ready to simplify your event registration and peer-to-peer donations? Dive into our latest feature release for all the details!

Introducing February 2024 Product Enhancements

At CharityEngine, we're committed to listening to our customers and improving our platform based on their feedback. In our latest round of updates, we are focusing on some of the most popular customer requests.  

From adding robust payment options to our peer-to-peer campaigns to enhancing the event registration experience for donors, these enhancements are designed to make your fundraising and event management efforts smoother and more effective. 

Dive into the details below to see how we are bringing your ideas to life and empowering you to achieve even greater success with CharityEngine. 


Apple Pay & Google Pay for Peer-to-Peer Campaigns  

Apple Pay iPhone

We're excited to announce that our peer-to-peer campaigns will soon offer the convenience of Apple Pay and Google Pay for donations. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual entry – these digital wallet options make giving easier and more efficient. While Apple Pay and Google Pay were previously limited to our web forms, donors participating in peer-to-peer campaigns will soon be able to contribute using these digital payment options.  


Event Ticket Management: New Email Tokens  

Managing event registrations is even simpler with our new ticket management token. By including this token in your post-registration email blasts, you can allow registrants to manage their tickets and guest lists with a single click. Whether updating attendee details or adding additional guests, this token will create a secure link that takes registrants directly to the user center, ensuring a seamless registration experience. Imagine sending a friendly reminder like, "Hi John, your event is in a week! Click here to update your guest list." It's personalized, convenient, and all about enhancing engagement for your upcoming events. 

Ticket MGT


Plus, did you know CharityEngine also offers QR codes for event check-ins and online ticket management? Attendees can display their ticket QR code for scanning, facilitating a seamless check-in experience. 


New Donation Option for Advocacy 

Our latest advocacy feature aims to empower organizations with more ways to engage constituents and drive support for their causes. Specifically, our Advocacy application will soon include a donation option alongside existing calls to action such as email, letter, social media, phone, etc. This addition allows you to seamlessly blend donation appeals into your advocacy efforts, fostering increased support and engagement from your audience. Now, every action can make an even bigger impact, driving your mission forward with every click. 

Advocacy Donate


Integration API Documentation   

CharityEngine is excited to introduce our improved integration API documentation, now available on Postman, the leading public API platform. This upgrade ensures enhanced documentation and organization of our APIs, allowing clients to integrate and synchronize various applications effortlessly. For convenient access to CharityEngine API documentation on Postman, please use the following link:

API Docs

Change Log & Restore Modal  

Picture this: You're diligently updating contact records when, oops, you accidentally delete some important information. Cue the panic! But fear not! With our new Change Log & Restore feature, you can open a modal displaying the record history and select a version for restoration. This feature offers greater control over your data and limits unintended data loss.  

Change Log

With these exciting updates, we're confident that CharityEngine users will experience smoother operations, enhanced donor engagement, and greater impact in their missions. Stay tuned for more innovations as we evolve our platform to meet your needs.