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Ready for a Look at New Features?

Exciting P2P Upgrades!

We're at it again with feature upgrades requested by our clients!


At CharityEngine, we’re always listening to our clients and improving our products. Anyone who’s been with us a while will tell you to shower us with your ideas and we will deliver the ones we can! This feature release underscores that point as we have added peer-to-peer functionality requested by our clients. 

If you want to learn how to use these features and ask questions of the brains behind our development, join the March Product Showcase on Thursday, March 16 at 2:00 PM. Register here.  

This month, we are focusing on improvements to one of our most popular modules: peer-to-peer, or P2P. Let’s take a look at what’s new! 

Peer-to-Peer Module Upgrades 

We’ve added a bunch of upgrades to the peer-to-peer module. We are going to highlight five of them! 

Email Templates 

This feature, as Zolaikha will show in the video below, allows nonprofits to customize the emails that fundraisers send out from their peer-to-peer dashboard. This ensures your messaging and branding remain consistent and working for you, and that your fundraisers don’t have to customize as much. 

Additional Donation Option 

This one was specifically requested by clients! When a donor to a P2P campaign is checking out, they will now have the option to increase their donation before confirming the total amount. This means more funds are raised for your organization. 

Donor Widget Scrolling Option 

As you’ll see in the video below, the home page widgets will now scroll through all the fundraisers, both individual and team, that have signed up for a P2P campaign. If you want to stop the scrolling, just click on a fundraiser’s name.  

Upgraded P2P Payment Options 

Clients can now determine which payment methods they want to offer as options on fundraising pages. This applies to both registration and donation pages and is helpful for nonprofits that don’t want to, or can’t yet, accept ACH payments or credit card payments. As Zolaikha will demonstrate below, these options are easy to toggle on and off. 

Achievement Goal Notification Enhancements 

CharityEngine’s team built this tool, which celebrates fundraising achievements!  Now, when your fundraisers hit a certain achievement level, they will receive an email notification letting them know.  This will incentivize fundraisers to keep working hard to collect more achievements. 

Coming Soon: Auction Modules 

We’re also almost ready to roll out some upgrades to our auction modules. In the coming weeks, this is what we’ve got planned: 

Text Alerts for Auction Bids 

Auctions get a lot more dynamic with this feature upgrade! Donors will be able to monitor the auction via text. Alerts will be triggered when a donor is the top bidder or is outbid.  

(This feature is auto-enabled for customers who have SMS sending phone numbers. If you don’t have an SMS phone number set up with us, please schedule a call with Customer Success for more information.) 

Setting up Maximum Bids 

Have a bidder who really wants to win an item?  Bidders will be able to set up a maximum bid, ensuring they don’t have to keep logging in and bidding until the max is reached. 

Enhanced Auction Update Payment Experience  

This upgrade puts the power of updating payment profiles into the hands of donors. In addition to using the payment information on file, donors will be able to set their payment preferences themselves on your auction website. 

Auction Bidding and Close-Out Enhancements 

And finally, it’s getting easier to end your auctions! Once all the final bids have been accepted, you can bulk charge all your bid winners. This lessens the possibility of human error and makes your life a lot easier! Bulk billing to close out your auction means it’s just the touch of a button. 

Did Your Feature Upgrade Make It? 

If you’ve seen our previous product showcase webinars, you know that we take the time to listen to clients. And when you request an upgrade that has client support and is possible, you’re likely to see it in the next release. We can promise this document is going to make a few of our clients very happy! 

Join us to see these features demonstrated on March 16 at 2:00 PM. And put your thinking caps on, so you come to the webinar with ideas for our team!