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Introducing December 2023 Product Enhancements

As we approach the close of 2023, we're thrilled to unveil new features to ensure this year leaves you better able to engage your donors and raise funds that support your mission.

Introducing December 2023 Product Enhancements

Whether you want to increase your donation form conversions by adding a popular payment method or reenergizing your major gift cultivation program, we have some exciting updates for you. Keep reading to learn how our latest features can empower your organization and enhance your year-end initiatives.

December 2023 Product Enhancements:


New Payment Option: Apple PayApple Pay iPhone

Apple Pay is finally here! CharityEngine clients can now offer Apple Pay on their forms for donors on iOS devices. Utilizing Apple Pay for donations offers multiple advantages, with Apple’s brand recognition being just one of them. By using Apple Pay, donors no longer need to key in their payment information manually; the platform automatically fills in the necessary details, streamlining the donation process into a single, user-friendly step.

CharityEngine clients can expect to see the new Apple Pay button on all out-of-the-box forms. For custom forms, Apple Pay can be added under the layout tab of our donation form wizard. For additional information, check out our Help Center article.


New Opportunities Dashboard

Are you implementing a major gift program and need effective tracking of your major donors through various pipeline stages? Or are you busy managing grants through the pre-and post-award stages?

We are excited to announce a new pipeline view for tracking opportunities such as major gift prospects and grant applications! Our new opportunities dashboard provides clear visibility into the volume and progress of your major gift prospects or grants through each stage of cultivation and stewardship. Best of all, you can create custom pipelines and stages to meet your unique needs.

Opportunities Dashboard Highlights:

  • Pipeline View - See all your open opportunities in a pipeline dashboard showing each stage's volume.
  • Drag & Drop Movement - Drag and drop opportunities between stages to instantly update the status right from the dashboard.
  • Activity Tracking - Create and track action-oriented follow-ups and assign next steps to team members to facilitate seamless hand-offs.
  • Streamlined Updates - The new interface makes adding notes, updating fields, and progressing opportunities easier than ever before.

This redesigned opportunities dashboard lets you visualize your entire pipeline and accelerate opportunities to close more gifts and grants.

Dec 2023 Release Screenshots_Opps Dashboard

Single Action Advocacy Redesign

We have improved our advocacy application to provide a more streamlined experience for your constituents. Now, when they visit your advocacy campaign page, they can complete their action with just one click. Previously, constituents were prompted to navigate to a separate page after providing contact and address information. This streamlined process is designed to boost engagement, with the expectation of more constituents taking action on your issues.

This update applies only to issues requiring a single action method, such as sending an email or a tweet. For campaigns that require multiple action methods (such as email, tweet, and phone calls), the original experience will remain.

Dec 2023 Release Screenshots_single action advocacy

Automate Post-Survey Emails and Messages

Our survey tool now allows you to seamlessly automate acknowledgment emails and craft personalized thank-you page content for constituents completing your survey. This feature streamlines post-survey communication and empowers you to create uniquely tailored experiences, fostering a deeper connection with your survey participants.

Dec 2023 Release Screenshots_Survey Conf Message

Dec 2023 Release Screenshots_Survey Conf Email

New Tokens for Membership Receipts

Elevate your donor acknowledgment experience by incorporating our new tokens into membership receipt emails. Now, when a supporter purchases a membership, you can include details such as membership type, payment method, and payment frequency in their receipt email. This update allows you to craft more personalized messages when expressing gratitude to your donors.

Dec 2023 Release Screenshots_membership type token

ACH Online Fraud Prevention Enhancements

Our latest security enhancements now include predefined limits for auto-funding ACH transactions. Transactions exceeding $20,000 will undergo a thorough review and require approval from a designated staff member in your organization before being funded. This crucial step is designed to proactively identify and prevent fraudulent transactions from proceeding to payment.

To quickly identify pending ACH transactions requiring approval, navigate to our Transactions listing screen and apply the "Pending" payment status filter. Review the pending ACH transactions; if deemed valid, click the ellipsis and select "Charge." For detailed guidance, refer to our Help Center article on How to Evaluate a Transaction for Potential Fraud.

Dec 2023 Release Screenshots_ACH

Average Gift on Initiatives Report

Enhance your initiative analysis effortlessly with our latest addition to the initiatives listing screen – the average gift metric. This metric offers valuable insights into your donors’ giving patterns, facilitating strategic planning and revenue forecasting. Additionally, delve into segment-level data to understand the average gift size across different channels.

Dec 2023 Release Screenshots_Initiatives Avg Gift Size

Member Trace Tool for Communication Series

Introducing the Member Trace tool for the Communication Series! This tool lets you track a member's journey through your series, providing detailed insights into their experience. You can view timestamps for specific communications and see if the member met the trigger criteria at the individual contact level. This tool will also help you visually map your communications flow and inform optimization of other communication series.

Dec 2023 Release Screenshots _Comm Series Trace ToolDec 2023 Release Screenshots_Comms Series Trace tool 2

We sincerely thank our valued clients for their steadfast support throughout the year. Your partnership has been pivotal to our success, and we're grateful for it. As we anticipate 2024, we're thrilled about the exciting opportunities and innovations that lie ahead. Here's to another year of collaboration, growth, and shared achievements. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey, and we're excited about what the future holds. Cheers to a fantastic 2024!