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CharityEngine: An International Nonprofit CRM

Pesos or Euros? Sí and Oui!

Learn how CharityEngine can support your global initiatives.

CharityEngine: An International Nonprofit CRM

We know there are about two million nonprofits in the U.S., but did you know there are around ten million nonprofits worldwide? The number of donors supporting these organizations and missions is staggering.

International fundraising software is crucial for charities operating globally or seeking to expand their donor base beyond borders. Savvy nonprofits recognize that accepting donations from supporters worldwide translates to new pools of donors, creative and effective campaigns, and brand reach beyond borders. And those organizations based overseas also understand the effectiveness of operating globally.

But all nonprofits, regardless of where they’re based or how far their mission extends, want robust, reliable, best-in-class fundraising software. Clients with global communities, like Wounded Warrior Project and Easterseals, choose CharityEngine to help them engage donors and raise more money.

In this article, we’ll examine some benefits of CharityEngine’s international capabilities. Whether you’re based in the U.S. or elsewhere - or considering expanding - you’ll quickly see that we can handle fundraising on a bigger stage!

5 Ways CharityEngine Helps International Nonprofits

There are some specific benefits to using a fundraising platform that scales internationally. The ability to accept multiple currencies and languages and tap into global networking opportunities empowers a nonprofit to grow quickly and seamlessly.

1. CharityEngine is Compliant with International Security Measures

The same security features our U.S.-based clients enjoy also apply to international clients. We beat industry standards with PCI certification, not just compliance. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) secures credit and debit card transactions against theft and fraud. Certification, rather than just compliance, means we are regularly audited by a third party to ensure our software and security measures are safe and effective. Certification is considered a gold star for safety, and this same standard is upheld for international clients.

We are also SOC 2 certified, which is a security standard for processes and technologies that safeguard sensitive information. While ISO 27001 is more common internationally, both SOC 2 and ISO 27001 share about 96% of the same security controls, so your data is safe with CharityEngine.

It’s important to note that different countries have different data regulations; for example, Canada has its own data compliance standards. CharityEngine complies with data privacy rules around the globe.

2. CharityEngine Accepts Multiple Currencies

Any nonprofit with donors outside of the U.S. can benefit from CharityEngine’s ability to accept donations in multiple currencies. Fundraising soars when it’s easy to give, and allowing anyone anywhere to donate in their native currency removes formidable barriers to giving.

Additionally, CharityEngine provides reports and tax statements in native currencies. This means that a donor in the United Kingdom can give in pounds, and their tax statements will be in pounds. During implementation, clients are set up to enable user portals in each country where you have donors. Donors can log in to their profile and access or edit their contact information, update credit cards, flag missions of personal interest, view their donation history, and download tax receipts.

Our advanced technology can help you raise money around the world.

3. CharityEngine Manages Multiple Languages

If you are in France, chances are you’d like to send your fundraising emails in French and direct people to a donation form in French as well. With CharityEngine, this isn’t a problem.

Our forms are highly customizable, and this extends to our donation forms. While the back end of the system operations is in English, the donation forms can be customized to almost any degree. And nonprofit clients enjoy frictionless giving in any language, which means one-click giving that recognizes returning donors and multiple payment options, including secure credit card processing and virtual wallets.

4. Global Offices and Chapters Can Be Managed from One Instance

Nonprofits with international offices often fear they will need multiple accounts within their fundraising software if they service chapters or offices worldwide. With CharityEngine, clients have centralized management and chapter or office autonomy.

Headquarters can use the software to manage fundraising efforts and track metrics across global locations. You can quickly spot trends and identify areas that need attention. Because all the data in CharityEngine is transmitted in real time, a managing organization will have its finger on the pulse of all member offices, regardless of time zone or currency.

Each office or chapter, however, can have its own identity. Branding can be individual, so many clients offer national or international brand guidelines and then allow the chapters or offices to brand individually. Each location can efficiently run custom campaigns, and the results are all rolled into the master view that combines all data from all sources.

5. CharityEngine Serves Global Offices

Nonprofits with offices in other countries need robust software that can accommodate the back end of the offices (tax receipts in native languages) and the donor journeys in those countries. When your donors can visit a local office, there are more opportunities for engagement. You can thank donors with a tour of your office or facility, lunch with board members, or chances to volunteer on-site. Each option can serve as a touchpoint on the donor journey, moving supporters to sustainers or major gift donors.

Local offices internationally enable nonprofits to understand and respond to local needs, build partnerships, and comply with local rules. When your nonprofit CRM supports these offices, your organization can operate seamlessly across borders.

A Powerful and Adaptable CRM

CharityEngine stands apart in a crowded technology field. Our technology will scale with you no matter how or where your nonprofit grows, from a single office to a global presence. Comprehensive features, advanced functionality, and centralized data enable organizations to streamline operations, enhance donor engagement, and increase their impact.

If you’re interested in learning more about our user-friendly yet powerful systemlet us know. We are proud to help nonprofits create a lasting impact anywhere in the world.