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Happy Holidays from CharityEngine!

🎶 "Jingle Bells" takes a nonprofit twist this holiday season. 🎶

Happy Holidays from CharityEngine!

Dashing through year-end 🏃

Nonprofit hopes aglow 🌟

Prepping for that email send 📨

That makes your mission grow 💗


You've worked so hard all year 🥵

To raise such needed dough 💵

Now you just want to have a beer 🍺 (sorry, it rhymed) 

But it's not time to slow 🦥

Oh, this year-end, this year-end 📅

Is sure to be the best 👍🏼

Just a few more major gifts 🎁

And you will get a rest! 😴

Happy holidays from all of us at CharityEngine. May the end of the year bring you happiness, peace, and joy!