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Introducing March 2024 Product Enhancements

Did you know that CharityEngine offers powerful mail merge capabilities for creating personalized direct mail campaigns?

Introducing March 2024 Product Enhancements

In our latest update, we're excited to present a range of enhancements focused on empowering organizations to personalize their engagement efforts, streamline data management, and foster deeper connections with supporters.  

Dive into our enhanced mail merge features, seamlessly integrate PayPal sustainers, and unlock the full potential of your data with our advanced notes importer. Let's explore these enhancements and how they can advance your fundraising strategies! 


Enhanced Mail Merge Features for Direct Mail Campaigns 

Introducing Mail Merge Upgrades!  

Did you know that CharityEngine offers powerful mail merge capabilities for creating personalized direct mail campaigns?  

By seamlessly merging your contact target list with template documents, each mail piece can be customized with personalized details like the recipient's name, address, and more. With our latest enhancements, we've upgraded the system that converts digital content into Microsoft Word and integrated it with our campaign application, making creating personalized solicitation letters even easier.  

Plus, our platform allows you to leverage multi-channel campaigns, integrating your direct mail efforts with email, text, and more. Experience streamlined functionality and enhanced mail merge capabilities in our latest update! 

Mail Merge


Import PayPal Sustainers with Enhanced Integration 

In this latest update, we're excited to introduce a new feature that enables easy import of your PayPal sustainers. Our import wizard now allows users to provide a “Third-Party Token” in the sustainer importer to migrate their PayPal sustainers effortlessly. Working closely with PayPal, we've streamlined the process of integrating monthly tokens into CharityEngine, allowing organizations to manage and run their monthly donor programs efficiently. PayPal Sustainer Token


Advanced Notes Importer 

With the latest update to our Data Import Wizard, users can now import notes associated with any record type that includes a notes field on our platform, such as activity and transaction records. Unlike before, where the import was limited to notes associated with contact records, this enhancement ensures a more comprehensive data migration experience.  

With the addition of 13 new attributes to the note importer, clients can now maintain higher fidelity in their imported data, facilitating seamless data integration and informed decision-making.  

Notes Importer


Enhanced Contact Record Header

Personal titles such as Dr., Mr., and Mrs., as well as nicknames, are now displayed in the header of contact records, whereas previously, they were only visible on the edit screen. This enhancement ensures users and solicitors can adequately address potential donors during conversations, fostering better communication and rapport. 

Header Nickname

We are immensely grateful for your continued support, and we can't wait to see how these enhancements empower your organization's mission. Stay tuned for even more exciting features on the horizon!