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CharityEngine's Upcoming UI Redesign: What to Expect

Discover the exciting user interface changes coming to CharityEngine, featuring streamlined navigation, a revamped welcome screen and contact record, and a new in-app help center.

CharityEngine's Upcoming UI Redesign: What to Expect

Did you know that exciting changes are brewing at CharityEngine? 

In our ongoing quest to give our customers the best possible experience, our team is working hard on a major update to our user interface (UI). 

The new user interface is designed to improve usability and make your interactions with our platform more efficient.  

While the beta release is slated for mid-to-late summer, we are excited to share a behind-the-scenes look at what’s to come.  

What’s in Store  Slide1-2

New Navigation

We are streamlining the navigation menu to make it easier for you to access the features and tools you use most frequently. Our goal is to help you get the most out of our powerful platform, whether you're running events and campaigns or using automation and advocacy tools. 


Welcome Dashboard and Contact Record  

Key screens, including the welcome dashboard and contact record, are slated for a significant redesign. These updates will modernize the interface and present the wealth of information in a simpler, more user-friendly format. 


In-App Help Center  

Stuck on something? Fret not! Our new in-app help center will be just a click away. Brimming with curated content tailored to your specific needs, it ensures prompt assistance whenever needed. 

Global Stylistic Improvements

Our internal application pages will undergo stylistic enhancements to create a unified visual experience across the platform. These changes result in a sleeker, more cohesive look and feel.  

Stay in the Loop  

While we prepare to unveil the beta version in the third quarter of 2024, our customers can rest assured that we will keep them informed every step of the way. Look out for detailed updates in your inbox as the release date approaches. 

We will also update our user community on the progress of our UI redesign during our monthly Product Showcase Webinars. Sign up for our product updates to receive an invite to these sessions. 

Our Product Showcase webinar series is your ticket to staying ahead of the curve with the latest CharityEngine updates. Join us for engaging sessions where you can provide feedback, interact with our team, and discover how our new features can transform your daily operations. 

Continued Evolution  

Our current focus is on the updates outlined above, but we recognize that UX/UI enhancements are an ongoing initiative. We anticipate further enhancements in 2025, with substantial updates planned for our Campaign Application. 

Excited? We sure are! Get ready to embark on an enhanced CharityEngine journey like never before.