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CharityEngine’s Upcoming UI Redesign: Marketing Automation

Our upcoming user interface enhancements just got even better. Get ready for reimagined marketing automation and workflows!

CharityEngine’s Upcoming UI Redesign: Marketing Automation

Last month, we gave you a sneak peek of the exciting user interface upgrades set to launch in July 2024. The new interface will enhance the platform's visual appeal and improve the user experience by introducing streamlined navigation, a redesigned welcome dashboard, and a reimagined contact record. 

In addition to these enhancements, we are excited to announce a major upgrade to our communication series functionality in the upcoming BETA release! 

Communication Series Redesign  

CharityEngine's redesigned communication series will soon bring a major update to our marketing automation and workflow functionality. The new design, focuses on usability and intuitiveness, allows you to create custom visual workflows for key communications, from welcome and re-engagement series and much more. 


Out-of-the-Box Marketing Automation Workflows 

The upcoming release will also introduce pre-configured workflows to help save you time. These ready-to-use series allow you to easily add your communications and launch without the hassle of starting from scratch. Here are the key series included: 

  • Welcome Series: Automatically enroll new donors to engage your latest supporters and guide them to make larger gifts or become stronger advocates. 
  • Birthday Series: Engage with your donors on their birthdays, recognizing their special day and strengthening your relationship. Easily schedule the birthday message to be sent on the day, the day before, or any preferred time. 
  • List Sign-Up Series: Create a marketing automation workflow whenever a donor signs up for a specific list. This allows you to segment your donor database and deliver news on programs your donors specifically care about.


Create Custom Marketing Automation Workflows 

Looking to build a custom marketing workflow?  

Our advanced communication series functionality makes it easy. Previously, audience selection for our communication series relied on query tools to create tailored lists from our database. In addition to using queries, the upcoming release will allow users to create audience lists using filtered list reports. This enhancement will enable users to build audience lists faster without knowledge of query tools. 

Communication Series Additional Enhancements 

Our upcoming updates will also introduce powerful features to give you more control and flexibility over your communication series: 


  • Adding One-Off Constituents Manually: Sometimes, your automation needs a manual touch. For edge cases where you want to add a contact to a live communication series manually, click the plus sign on the relevant step and enter the recipient details. 
  • Test Your Communication Series: With the new “Run Test” functionality, you can test your communication series off-cycle. This means the test recipient will receive a test email immediately without waiting for a specific run period. Subsequent steps will execute based on the defined wait times, or you can remove the wait times for consecutive email testing. 
  • Series Reset: Do you want your constituents to go through the series again or use it from the start but with a different audience? Now you can with our Reset Series feature. 

These enhancements are designed to make your marketing automation more powerful and user-friendly, ensuring you can engage your audience more effectively. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the launch date!