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What’s New at CharityEngine

We've been busy! Here are some of the things the CharityEngine team has been up to lately.

What’s New at CharityEngine

You know, we developers tend to keep our heads down developing things. But every now and then, I realize we’ve added some cool features to our nonprofit CRM, and I feel as though I should share them a little more widely.

My job is so much fun because I get to take client requests (and occasional frustrations) and figure out how to make our CRM more user-friendly or robust.

And this morning, I got excited about four new updates to our system. This article will share more about:

  • An Updated Survey Application
  • A More Comprehensive Account Adjustments Reporting
  • Easier Membership Forms
  • And then one little note about A/B testing capabilities

Remember, as a CharityEngine customer, all of these updates and upgrades are 100% totally free. And our ears are always open if you’ve got suggestions!

Survey Application

Surveys are an easy, no-cost way for nonprofits to take the temperature of their donors and supporters on almost any subject. We heard some feedback that the surveys could be a little easier to set up, so we obliged.  Whether you need to set up a quick pre-event survey or a volunteer form, it can all be done in a couple of minutes!


Now it’s easy to set up your survey, get your responses, and then use our robust reporting and analytics to slice and dice the answers for insights you can use.

Account Adjustments

Want to see all of your membership, pledge, and sustainer account changes in one place? You can do that now with our new Account Adjustments report! Whether it’s an upgrade, downgrade, new signup, or payment info update, you can see what is going on with your donors’ accounts by going to this new report.

Why is this so fabulous? Because you could pull that record and hand-write a thank-you note to that donor. And you’ve dramatically increased your engagement with this donor. A personal note goes a long way toward building loyalty!

account adjustments.2Another benefit of this upgrade is that your additional revenue is highlighted. At a glance, you can see how your overall fundraising is going.

Membership Forms

So apparently, users felt like they needed an advanced degree to create membership forms. No more!

You just click on “Membership Form”....

membership 1 again

…And create your form!

membership 2.again

It’s one-click form creation now, and it’s also much easier for people to use when they are signing up.

A/B Testing

Had to sneak this one in! We all know that A/B testing is the best way to determine the most effective messaging. But segmenting the audiences proved to be a little more of a challenge than our clients wanted.

So voila!

audience segment

This easy-to-use interface allows you to segment your audiences and send emails, all from the CRM. And the responses come back to the CRM and inform your future campaigns.

So there you have it! These are four examples of the continual evolution of CharityEngine. When we need new or improved functionality, we build it. When you have a good idea, share it!

And if this update made you wonder what all the CharityEngine fuss is about, book a demo.