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CharityEngine: Build Your Tech Stack

We may offer an all-in-one CRM, but that doesn't mean we can't integrate with other systems or that they can't integrate with us. In this article, we cover the basics of our robust APIs and integration capabilities.

CharityEngine: Build Your Tech Stack

It takes a lot of systems, working together, to run a nonprofit. You need robust and reliable email automation, donor management, and even payment processing to be synced and running smoothly to ensure a great experience for your donors—and to keep your records up to date.  

CharityEngine offers the only all-in-one nonprofit CRM (really!), but we are sometimes asked if one of our client’s systems can talk to CharityEngine, or if our system can talk to a third-party system they need to run their nonprofit. 

Our answer is a resounding, “Yes!” 

It all has to do with the APIs and integrations we offer. This article will give you a quick overview of just how much you can do with CharityEngine. 

How Do You Want to Use CharityEngine? 

Most of the time, clients come to us with a question that starts, “How can I….” and we answer with technology. Here’s an overview of the most common questions we get, and our responses: 

  • How can I integrate with a third-party website? Our front-end JavaScript API uses Javascript, Jquery, HTML, or Ajax to integrate functionality and tracking in third-party websites. 
  • How can I add functionality to my website? CharityEngine offers embeddable widgets to add forms, like donation or sign-up, or other functionality to your website. We can also package widgets to truly customize your user experience.  
  • How can I process payments and enroll supporters? It’s easy with the Public REST or SOAP APIs.  
  • How can I integrate my database with CharityEngine? Our powerful SOAP API makes data integration a snap. 
  • How can I import and export data? This comes up as customers want to move contacts and data into CharityEngine. Our front-end Javascript API automates data migration. 
  • How can I synchronize my data? When you want all your data talking, use rich integration APIs such as C#, Python, Visual Basic, SOAP, XML, and PHP to sync data across platforms. 
  • How can I automate processes? Leverage powerful integration APIs to automate almost any process on your website. 

An Integration Case Study – Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health 

Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health aims to change the standard of cancer care and prevention. Offering funding, education, and soon, an Integrative Health Campus, MTIH teaches physicians about the Metabolic Approach to Cancer, including four steps: evaluate, translate, treat, and inform. 

MTIH uses CharityEngine for donor management and fundraising but wanted an interface through which doctors could track their progress through certification. DonorPacks, a CharityEngine development partner, created a customized dashboard that clearly shows each step to certification. 

The developers who created the dashboard tell us that CharityEngine is one of the most configurable CRM platforms around. They welcome challenges from our clients, because they know the software can use integrations and APIs to create any functionality necessary.MTIH-screenshot-1

Programming Languages and APIs 

CharityEngine uses common programming languages and APIs, such as JavaScript, jQuery, HTML 5.1, SOAP, and REST.  

And what kind of integrations have our clients requested? There’s a long list on our website, but it includes PowerBI, Neverbounce, PayPal, Intuit Quickbooks, Double the Donation, and more. 

Software Built for Developers 

When nonprofit clients come to us with business questions, we toss them right to our team of developers. This highly configurable, robust software has an answer for any question you might have, particularly those that start with, “How can I….” 

If you haven’t seen our software in action, book a demo. If you want to know more about our integration API for developers, you can take a look at some sample code or review the public web API and check out the Javascript code. Whether you’re a developer or on the business side, let us know if you have questions about what CharityEngine can do for you!