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Feature Release: Advocacy Upgrades

Our continued product innovations make it easy for nonprofits.


Clients with advocacy as a central mission will be thrilled to hear about six improvements that will help you connect with your constituents, customize your messaging, and reach out to large groups of people efficiently.  Please note that if you don't have the advocacy module in your contract, give us a shout and we can help.

Customized Landing Page Content 

You might want to show different messaging in different parts of your advocacy site.  

Now, you can do that. You can create general messaging that will show up on each page of the site, as well as content that will only show up on the sign-up page. There is also the ability to add footer content and a special thank-you note once a constituent has taken action. It’s nice to note that this feature upgrade came from a direct client request. We always listen, and usually act!  


Custom Survey Questions 

We have also released an option to customize the advocacy form sign-up page with survey questions. 

This offers your nonprofit a wealth of information. You can ask how people heard about you or even collect ideas about other advocacy efforts. And you can easily grab the reports you need to see how your advocates are answering! 


Customizable Email Messaging Option  

This is another feature requested by clients! When recruiting advocates, you don’t want them to be confused about whether they opt in or out of different email lists.  

Now the email opt-in messaging is customizable. You can match the tone you’ve found is most effective with your constituents and clearly show them their email options. 


Sign Up Without Addresses in Custom Representative Campaigns 

When a campaign is targeting specific groups outside of state or federal representatives, like members of the media, advocates no longer need to enter their addresses.  

This is helpful because it makes taking action faster and more efficient. And everyone loves it when a step is saved! 


Improved Tracking of Advocates and Actions Taken 

In the advocacy app, clients can now make it easier for advocates to take action. Have a single-action petition sign-up site? Now, your constituents can take action by just clicking one button!  We will also capture constituents who abandoned taking action so they still are added to your CRM. 

Why is this helpful? Making it easier for constituents to take action is a no brainer, and tracking those who don’t can give you better insights into why. 


Comprehensive Advocate Reporting

The advocacy app has always shown clients the people who have signed up and taken action on behalf of your advocacy efforts.  

The system now provides a complete log of when, who, and what action was taken, down to the email subject and content they sent. 

Providing a complete, transparent picture of what the system is doing is what we’re all about here at CharityEngine. Having this robust data truly does make it easier to power the good to be great! 

Next Product Showcase Webinar 

Want to ask questions of our developers? Join the May Product Showcase Webinar. We will demo these features, talk about use cases, answer your questions, and maybe even give you the inside scoop on Apple Pay and Google Pay!